Bridges for Knowledge

Bridges for knowledge is an initiative by Neli Prota, a creative scientist and knowledge broker holding a PhD in natural crop protection from the Wageningen UR.

Its aim is to provide specialists from a variety of fields (healthcare, agriculture, nutrition, environmental science, evolutionary psychology, etc.), as well as laypeople, with the existing knowledge in any given topic. This way, hopefully, the gap between science and its end-users will be bridged, thereby expanding the purpose of scientific research and improving life quality.

Neli Prota

Hi! I am Neli and I was born in Sacile, Italy, in 1985. I studied in Padova where I obtained my BSc and MSc in Molecular biology. Since 2006 I have lived in the Netherlands, first in Leiden for a year and then in Wageningen. I have two sons, born in 2010 and 2012 and in January 2015 I received a PhD in Plant physiology (secondary plant metabolites and their role in insect resistance). The mission statement of the University of Wageningen "To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life" is also my own motto and I am very passionate about green living, healthy food, sustainable agriculture, parenting and personal growth. I love to learn new things and I attempt to actively share that knowledge with whomever I think might be concerned with it. My passion and enthusiasm in knowledge brokering can be contagious, though at times they can overwhelm the people around me. To recharge my batteries I will often cook a new meal or do some photography, play with my boys or read a book.

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